RaySonic Productions, LLC
Music & Entertainment


  • RaySonic Productions, LLC is a company birthed from the unpretentious, yet ever crucial catchphrase – “Do It Yourself!”  After a number of mishaps, disappointments, and unforeseen circumstances, it was illuminated clearly and etched in our mindset to move forward and use the past as lessons to learn from.  Our thoughts are instead of lamenting over past failures, use each offense and stumbling block as a resource to build on.  We recognize that we are accountable for our gifts given by the creator.  Our vision became intensely clear once we understood that at the end of our day, there is no excuse and/or clemency for burying these gifts.  Each man, woman, and child is born for a purpose; and once we recognize our life’s objective, we are to pursue it with our whole being.  While we ourselves can benefit from our gifts, we should be mindful that we have been gifted to bless others.  If we then hide or bury our gifts, dreams are not fulfilled, and we ourselves suffer the consequences of this selfish conduct.

  • RaySonic, a record company/entertainment organization, came to fruition to assist in the birthing process of the dreams, goals, and aspirations of the genuinely gifted musician; who, like many, has encountered setbacks and disappointments.  We look to succor independent artists who are not only looking to fulfill their dreams, but also willing to do the hard work necessary to help us bring their dreams to reality.

  • RaySonic came into existence in 2015.  While we are a new company, you should note that we are a company built in good faith, integrity, and hard work.  From this moment forward, the work products will speak, or should we say, create harmonic sonic sounds for themselves.